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Léa Coquoz

As an illustrator, Léa has always been interested in a wide range of styles and mediums. The diverse set of skills required attracted her towards game design. She particularly enjoys working with strong storylines and experimenting with colours. In doing so, she can bring her stories to life and immerse the spectator more effectively. Even though she enjoyed coding during her studies at ZHdK, she sees herself primarily as an illustrator – but now as an illustrator with brighter prospects for the future.

Portrait: Raphael Ammann. © ZHdK.
Portrait: Raphael Ammann. © ZHdK.

Why did you decide to study game design?
It seemed like a field you never get bored of.

Which music titles inspired you during your diploma phase?
While working on my project, I actually compiled a playlist of all the titles that made me feel like a hardcore programmer. I listen to a wide range of music types, but it appears that I have a penchant for electronic music when it comes to game design. «Orange Evening» by DWIG best captures the spirit of my project, and it's one of the titles that has spoken to me the most in the last few months.

Orange Evening by DWIG.

Which artists or designers have influenced you and your design work?
Vewn's work is very colourful, expressive and psychedelic. I really enjoy the short stories she creates – they are unexpected and with a tendency to reflect on current aspects of our society.

fluffy's third eye (2016) by Vewn.

What films and series are you watching at the moment?
I am a fan of «Mr Nobody» (2009), a film by Jaco Van Dormael about Earth's last mortal in a period when people are no longer mortal; it captured my heart a long time ago. I've been hunting for similar stories ever since, and I eventually found one in «Altered Carbon» (2018). In this series, death is no longer permanent and you follow an inquiry into a rich man's (temporary) killing. I highly recommend these two.

Teaser «Altered Carbon» (2017).

What kind of games are you currently interested in?
«Mini Motorways» – a strategy simulation game by Dinosaur Polo Club. Because I don't have much spare time, I prefer to play a brief round of this one as a break. The animations and sound effects are really juicy, making it very entertaining. I'm always up for a good engineering challenge.

Teaser «Mini Motorways» (2021) by Dinosaur Polo Club.

What will you miss most after completing your studies at the ZHdK?
As my hometown in the Canton Wallis is pretty far away, I will really miss my fellow classmates and the lively city. But I definitely plan on returning!

Where do you see youself in the future as a game designer?
I see myself surrounded by teammates as unique as those I had for the last three years, creating crazy new worlds.