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Kein Kino. Alain Bellet

Ring the Cows - Wireless Network meets Pastureland

When? October, 21th, 2019, 6:30 pm
Wo? Kino Toni, Zurich University of the Arts

The sound of cowbells is inseparably linked to the Swiss landscape. The designer Alain Bellet transforms a herd of grazing cows into an orchestra and the anarchic tinkling into music. The bell of each cow in the herd is controlled remotely, so that music composed especially for this «instrument» can be heard on the pasture. The gentle ruminants can continue their leisurely grazing and take the melodies with them. A sound experience of a completely different kind!

Alain Bellet is a Designer and an Associate Professor in the Media & Interaction Design Program at ECAL. He led this program from 2006 to 2015. Through his teaching and research practice, he focuses on the relationship we have with technologies and the ways we interact with them. He splits his time between Lausanne and Zurich, where he lives and works on his own practice.

© Alain Bellet. Ring the Cows.
© Alain Bellet. Ring the Cows.