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Immersive Worlds

Immersive Worlds in Sidescrolling Games

How can the world of a sidescrolling game be designed to achieve immersion for the player?

In videogames, players are able to experience a unique and busy world, in which they can move around. In the case of sidescrolling games, the mobility of the game character is constrained, and most of the world can only be seen from a distance.

This Master thesis researches how players can, despite these constraints, be made to feel part of the game world. To achieve this goal, I analyse the components of the game world, the different layers and their purpose. The core of the work builds on my description and analysis of how a designer places objects in a game world, the relationship of objects to each other, and what information is transmitted to the player through these compositions.


Don Schmocker


René Bauer; Dr. Beat Suter





Immersive Worlds