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[I] doesn’t exist

«[I] doesn’t exist» breathes new life into the text adventure genre with modern visuals, a clever narrative concept and technological sophistication. Employing direct commands as well as interpersonal conversation, the relationship between avatar and player forms the centre of the game experience.

In the game, players take control of the avatar, finding themselves in a dreamy woodland setting. There, they need to combine objects in order to open a door in the middle of the wood. To do this, they have to send keyboard-based commands to the avatar. These are carried out without objection – until the avatar has had enough. After a while, its own character comes to the fore as it seeks to engage in conversation with the users. A shocking truth about control and isolation reveals itself, making the players question their actions. How it will all end is entirely dependent on the players.


Luzia Hüttenmoser & Anna-Lena Pontet


René Bauer & Dr. Beat Suter

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Music & Sound Design: Jonas Füllemann & Paul Schmidt

[I] doesn’t exist
[I] doesn’t exist
Screenshots «[I] doesn’t exist» by Luzia Hüttenmoser & Anna-Lena Pontet. © ZHdK.
Screenshots «[I] doesn’t exist» by Luzia Hüttenmoser & Anna-Lena Pontet. © ZHdK.
Gameplay-Video «[I] doesn’t exist».