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The Subject Area Game Design focuses on the culture and design of interactive games. Students learn to use digital media creatively, and develop the essential conceptual, design and technology skills that are required for the development and production of video games.

On completion of the Bachelor's degree programme, students should be able to develop their own fully functional games or game prototypes. Theoretical course content complements the comprehensive practical training provided, building a sound base for the acquisition of specialist expertise in the field.


At Bachelor's level, the Subject Area Game Design enables students to acquire basic subject-related skills in the context of game development projects, and to gain more in-depth knowledge through the study of analytical, planning and implementation techniques. The overall aim of the six-semester, full-time teaching programme, which is based on a generalist approach, is to impart a capability to independently develop fully functional games or game prototypes. The key elements of game design are covered through the selection of learning modules offered, which build on one another thematically.


Within the learning modules, students cover such content as: Drawing, Interface Design, Game Writing, 3D Modelling and Animation, Scripting and Programming, Sound Design, Production Methods, Gaming Rules, Game Mechanics, Gameplay, Level Design, Interactive Storytelling, Dramaturgy, Game Logic and Artificial Intelligence, Game Conception, Game Analysis, Usability Design and Game Business.

The broad and varied curriculum offers modules in the following topics:

  • Game Culture
  • Storytelling
  • Game Mechanics
  • Programming
  • Usability Design
  • Game Conception
  • Game Analysis
  • Game Business
  • Media Management
  • Visual Techniques
  • Game Engine Programming
  • Game Design Projects
  • Character Design
  • 3D Modelling and Animation


The Subject Area Game Design has been working since 2004 on a large number of study and research projects in partnership with well-known international partners from industry and the tertiary education sector. Partnerships of this kind typically lead to the publication of research results

Career Opportunities

Graduates in Game Design create and develop the entertainment, edutainment and infotainment products of tomorrow. They facilitate the gaming aspects of digital worlds, and in so doing they are not just a part of the game industry, but are also involved in related fields that are closely intertwined with the world of digital games. As a minimum, graduates satisfy the requirements of entry-level positions within the computer gaming industry, working as Level Designers, 3D-Game Artists, Character Designers, Game Conceptualizers or Project Managers.

Application process & dates

Please find further informations on the BA Major Game Design and the application process here.


Prof. Ulrich Götz:
Fachrichtungsleiter & Leiter BA-Major Game Design

Maike Thies:
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin, Kommunikation & Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

Leonie Blasi:
Sekretärin Fachrichtung Game Design

Don Schmocker. FAR. Bachelor's thesis, ZHdK, 2015
Don Schmocker. FAR. Bachelor's thesis, ZHdK, 2015