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Arts – Design – Technology

Is immersive journalism changing the way we look on present crises? How do museums and other cultural institutions confront the technological shift? What potentials are opened up for the Design and the Arts through the use of artificial intelligence, virtual reality or bio-hacking? How do journalists, artists, and researchers use these technologies today and what thrills or worries them? «Expose» is the claim of this year's REFRESH edition. The interdisciplinary festival encourages us to critically reflect upon the future role of creatives in a highly digitalized world with the invited international guests.

With guests such as Nikolaj Schultz (sociologist, author of «On the Emergence of an Ecological Class» (2022) with Bruno Latour and author of «Land Sickness» (2023)), Sarah Kenderdine (Head Curator EPFL Pavilions and Professor of Digital Museology at the EPFL), AATB (artist couple focused on experimental robotics) and Sam Wolson (Visual Features Editoris for the New Yorker and an Emmy award-winning director, photographer and journalist).

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Initiated by:
Departement Design, Immersive Arts Space

Head of Festival & Curation:
Maike Thies, Prof. Dr. Chris Salter

Stephan Wespi
Damian Fopp (Nordraum)

Tunay Bora

Patrik Ferrarelli

Digitalrat ZHdK
HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin
Institut für Designforschung ZHdK


REFRESH #5, 2023. Identität by Tunay Bora. © ZHdK.
REFRESH #5, 2023. Identität by Tunay Bora. © ZHdK.