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Kein Kino. Aksel Køie. A step in books – Augmented literature

When: November 12th, 2018, 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
Where: Toni Kino

Step In Books is a multi-award winning company that explores spatiality in relation to narratives. We make books on mobile devices that the reader can «step into». By taking advantage of the unique features of tablets and phones, we are able to create an interactive way of telling stories. You still read your book, but at any time you can «Step into» the story. Our projects include Wuwu & Co. - a magical picture book, Mur - a step in book, Seven Minutes in the Warsaw Ghetto app.

Step In Books was founded in March 2014 by Aksel Køie. The idea was to build a platform to create step in books as a new way of experiencing digital books. In a step in book one can always read normally as we are used to from books, but if you put your tablet or phone in an upright position the picture changes and the storyworld opens up to the reader. At any given moment the reader can lay the device down and continue reading. Tablets especially are mostly used in the same way as we have been using books for centuries, but there are actually so many more opportunities for tablets, mostly due to the amount of sensors. One is the accelerometer which we have found interesting in our approach to digital literature. Depending on which story and author we are working with, the story changes according to the actions taken in the storyworld. It’s our take on augmented literature.

© Step in Books. Mur, 2017.
© Step in Books. Mur, 2017.