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Learning Through Play: The Potential of Using Digital Games in Reducing Language Learning Anxiety Through a Design-Informed Methodology

© ZHdK Game Design.
© ZHdK Game Design.

Learning a second language has become critically essential in the educational curriculums of most countries today. Unfortunately, many people often experience anxiety when learning a foreign language. This thesis aims to investigate the potential use of digital games in reducing anxiety for second language learning and provides a design-informed methodology to help assist in the learning of German vocabulary and articles.

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Learning another language can be tedious. Therefore I came up with the concept of making an entertaining tool to aid in the language learning process. In addition, I have found the outer space theme fascinating. Perhaps combing these two concepts may result in some exciting visuals to assist in the language learning process. What distinguishes my project is that it is a tool to assist language learners of the German language in studying the articles more interestingly. The theme is designed with playful outer space imagery to help promote a more engaging feel.

Teaservideo. © ZHdK Game Design.

My artistic style is characterized by whimsical, playful illustrations and graphics aimed toward a younger audience. I wanted to design an approachable, fun, and friendly aesthetic that is seen in cartoons.

Before studying in the Game Design Department at Zurich University of the Arts, Aiden graduated with a focus on «Illustration – Entertainment Art» at the ArtCenter College of Design in Los Angeles. He has been working professionally as a designer doing concept art, visual development, children’s books and graphic design. As part of his master’s thesis, his focus is on serious games that deal with language learning. His tremendous passion for the arts has compelled him to utilize his creativity to design ways to enrich and benefit learners.